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omg such a gem.

WARNING: it may become your gateway drug to the roguelike games as it become for me. made me experience how exactly

gameplay x imagination = more joy

it's so easy on the eyes and smiley face instead of @ warmed my heart.

do i still have to try the original Rogue after this?

Very fun little roguelike! :D

Hello, can you repackage this game with Godot 3.4? It fixed some problem for Linux.

Deleted 355 days ago

Lovely game, love the style. Any chance of releasing the source code? There's a serious lack of Godot made roguelikes around to grab ideas from on how to implement certain things in Godot.

What a great little gem! Absolutely love how this looks and plays. My only (tiny) gripe is that the HTML version won't take input on mobile

Great and simple roguelike! It is inspired me to continue developing my own project I abandoned a while ago! Keep it up, author! Wish you luck and more fun games!

Hey there played your game a while back and thought it was great

I want to make a roguelike myself in godot and was wondering if you had any advice or maybe some articles or videos you would recommend

Thx in advance :)


Hey thanks! Its been a while, I can't recall any specific roguelike tutorials other than the ungodly amounts of googling and youtube. RogueBasin has lots of good tips. The lock & key mechanic was definitely the most fun and challenging part to implement, the algorithm is heavily inspired by a game called Lenna's Inception. Have fun with Godot - its a great engine and an absolute joy to make games with. All the best with your project!

Thx, just checked RogueBasin seems great packed with info 


The game is not bad really. The idea is good, the gameplay is also good, but that art -_-

The pixel art is what i hate in the game, maybe if changing the art, the game could be way better.

Nice roguelike!
Love the room based map system!


I have no Idea how to regain health

What a great little game!

Love playing this game when I got nothing else to do. Simple and fun! Keep up the great work. :

Nice game, it's an authentic roguelike!

Hello, I have a bit of problem with linux version... Anybody can help me? Debain buster.