> Gameplay_

? : Command/Help
A : Action
I : Inventory
M : Message Logs
ENTER or SPACE : Confirm
Q : Abort/Quit 

Highlight a menu item + press "?" key (under Actions or Inventory) for more information.

> About_

The Amulet of Yendor awaits!

Hello Rogue is a simple pocket-sized roguelike, largely inspired by the small scope & compact feel of a 7drl and Bitsy game jam. The core gameplay is based on Zelda's lock & key mechanic and some modified elements from the original Rogue.

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> Notes_

Some in-game functions are not available for HTML5/web. The desktop has a config.ini file located in the user directory, and uses "ESC" key to abort/quit instead of "Q" key.


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Nice roguelike!
Love the room based map system!

I have no Idea how to regain health

What a great little game!

Love playing this game when I got nothing else to do. Simple and fun! Keep up the great work. :

Nice game, it's an authentic roguelike!

Hello, I have a bit of problem with linux version... Anybody can help me? Debain buster.